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The Biography of Sun Yat-sen

Author: Xiaohui Liu

Price:RMB 39.80




Pub. Date:2011-10-13

Book Introduction

This book describes the whole life of Sun Yat-sen to help readers understand the revolutionary practice, brilliant thoughts and lofty moral character of him from the true historical stories. The readers can feel the great personality charm of him, meanwhile, they will profound understand the arduous struggling process of Chinese nation fought for state independence. 

Author Introduction


Chapter one: Naughty boy is just a normal person

Chapter two: Going aboard to learning western culture

Chapter three: Giving up halfway

Chapter four: Scholar with enthusiasm

Chapter five: Be a doctor

Chapter six: Preparing two ways to save nation

Chapter seven: Having trouble in London

Chapter eight: Cooperating with others to save nation

Chapter nine: A single spark can start a prairie fire.

Chapter ten: The long time before revolution

Chapter eleven: Warlord dogfight in the Republic of China

Chapter twelve: Accepting commands during danger

Chapter thirteen: The work of the Revolution is not yet done. Let all our comrades strive on for their consummation.