Three Projects of HUSTP were Selected in the 2018 "China Book External Promotion Plan"

发表时间:2018-12-14 发表人:International Cooperation Department

The Working Group Office of  “China Book External Promotion Plan" recently announced the list of the approved projects of this plan in 2018. Three books of our press, Motion Control of Biomimetic Swimming Robots (English), Agriculture and Industrialization (Arabic) and Bruce Lee: an Immortal Legend in the East (Arabic) have been successfully selected, ranking third among the national university presses in term of quantity.



1. Motion Control of Biomimetic Swimming Robots

Author: Junzhi Yu, Min Tan, Shuo Wang

Pub. Date: 2017/12


This book intends toreport the new results of the efforts on the study of motion control ofbiomimetic swimming robots with high speed and high maneuverability. The bookfeatures state-of-the-art studies on various swimming robots involving roboticfish, robotic dolphin and robotic jellyfish in a unified framework. Thepotential benefits of biomimetic underwater propulsion applied to autonomousunderwater vehicle design would involve high speed, energy economy, enhanced maneuverability, or reduced detection. The book is likely to be of interest to university researchers, R&D engineers and graduate students in robotics and ocean engineering who wish to learn the core principles, methods, algorithms, and applications of biomimetic underwater robots.



2. Agricultureand Industrialization (Volume 1, Volume 2-3)

Author: Peigang Zhang

Pub. Date: 2009/9


Taking how China could realize industrialization after the Second World War as the central objective, Agriculture and Industrialization (Volume 1) explores the problems that agricultural countries or developing countries will encounter in the process of industrialization from a worldwide perspective, especially the interdependence between agriculture and industry, as well as their adjustment and change.


Combined with the industrialization and modernization practices of developing countries, especially China, and the experience and lessons of physical transformation since the Second World War, Agriculture and Industrialization (Volume 2-3)systematically and thoroughly investigates and studiesthe industrialization of agricultural countries again.




3. Bruce Lee: an Immortal Legend in the East



Author: Jie Zheng

Pub. Date: 2017/8


This book is the first biography of Bruce Lee in China which is written by a fan of him. It is subjective and rigorous, being drafted after making detailed research and repeated revisions, for the purpose that a vivid image of him can be formed in the eyes of more and more Bruce Lee's fans. The author tells his 32 - year legendary life in a respectful way, avoiding demonizing or deifying it.