Two Titles of HUSTP were Elected the 2018 National Publication Fund Project

发表时间:2018-02-23 发表人:International Cooperation Department

At the beginning of this new year, the National Publication Foundation Planning and Management Office publicized the list of projects to be funded by 2018 national publishing fund. Two projects of our company, the Theories and Technology Researches of Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics series, first collection and What Everyone Needs to Know series, first collection, were selected.

The Theories and Technology Researches of Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics series is led by academician Xiong Youlun and academician Ding Han of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and gathers top experts and scholars in the field of intelligent manufacturing domestic. The books follow up closely the planning and deployment of national development, taking frontier technologies of intelligent manufacturing as the core and conclude research and practical fruits in the projects of National Natural Science Fund and National Ministry of Science and Technology .


The What Everyone Needs to Know series are introduced from the Oxford University Press, which are launched in recent years to popularize the knowledge of modern science and technology. Its content involves scientific and technical issues that general public concerns in the modern society, such as energy, nuclear safety, climate change, environmental protection, epidemics, etc.